In-person private lessons available
Contact information: littlehouseofchess@gmail.com

Fall Online Classes 2022
Classes from September 16th through December 16th.

Coming soon!

  • CGPS Friday Tournaments
    2022: October 7, November 4, December 2
    2023: January 20, March 3, May 5
  • Magnus League
    2022: October 9, November 6, December 4
    2023: January 22, March 5, May 7
  • New York State All Girls: November 19 and/or 20, 2022
Instructional Staff
Sophia Rohde, LHoC Director of Operations John MacArthur, FIDE Trainer
FIDE International Arbiter & Organizer. Elementary EU Chess/Math teacher in Curriculum & After-School. National Master. Chess teacher and Head Coach at CGPS. Trained dozens of National Chess Champions.
Jonathan Tisdall, Grandmaster Daniel Rohde, USCF Expert
GM since 1993. Norwegian Champion, Olympic Team player and coach. Chess Author and Editor. FIDE Senior Trainer. After-School instructor and team coach at CGPS. Member of the USCF Scholastic Council. NYSCA Scholastic Coordinator.
Matteo Singer, Early Childhood Specialist Andre Harding, FIDE National Instructor
Level-A US Chess player. USChess Candidate Master. ICCF Correspondence Chess Master. Has taught in dozens of public, private, and charter schools.