LHoC Virtual Training Lab

Registration open for June, July and August
Instructional Staff
Sophia Rohde, Little House of Chess Director Joel Benjamin, Grandmaster
FIDE International Arbiter & Organizer. Elementary EU Chess/Math teacher in Curriculum & After-School. Grandmaster since 1986. 3-time U.S. Champion, Author and Coach of U.S. National Youth Teams. US Hall of Fame inductee in 2008.
John MacArthur, FIDE Trainer Michael Rohde, Grandmaster
National Master. Chess teacher and Head Coach at CGPS. Trained dozens of National Chess Champions. Grandmaster since 1988. Former US Open, US Junior & NY State Champion. Chess Books Author.
Daniel Rohde, USCF Expert John Fedorowicz, Grandmaster
After-School instructor and team coach at CGPS. Member of the USCF Scholastic Council. NYSCA Scholastic Coordinator. GM since 1986. Represented US in the Chess Olympiad twice. US Hall of Fame inductee in 2009. Chess author, second and trainer.
Daniel Vulis, FIDE Instructor Jonathan Tisdall, Grandmaster
National Master. Full time chess curriculum teacher and after school instructor. GM since 1993. Norwegian Champion, Olympic Team player and coach. Chess Books Author. FIDE Senior Trainer.

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